The greatest joy in the creation is the liberty, endless play, the opening of new paths, harmony and to create beauty for the others.


My name is Erika. 
Lover of nature and the ocean. I would like to convey the relaxing and delightful beauty of nature that surrounds me and all of us. Every finished piece contains the harmony of love, passion and nature.

For me, making jewelry was always present in my life since I was a little girl. While I was enjoying my pregnancy with our second son, and traveling around Europe in a van, I started to experiment and learn to make jewelry with wire and stones. Since then, I realized how much I enjoy this journey, and how much I love to teach the techniques I manage to incorporate in this jewelry style.
I love to use natural materials like copper and silver, with the combination of healing natural stones and crystals.

When I started to home school our kids, I realized how much I love to explain and teach. Then just popped into my head the idea to create a step by step guide for the jewelry I create. People who follow my work since the beginning of this journey, can see how much effort I put in it. I am a self critic, who always thinks that anything can be done in a better way. 

From where comes my inspiration?
We live in complete nature, surrounded by inoffensive wild animals, and beautiful trees. I love cooking dinner under the Moonlight, and drinking my good morning coffee watching the sunrise. For me every inspiration is in nature.

And last but not least, please allow me to give you a great advice I learned during the last years:
Things don't go wrong to make you bitter and give up. They are to break and rebuild you, so that you can be all that you should be. You will fall again and again, but each time you get up, you will reach higher and higher.

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